Replacement uPVC guttering

Roofline Products in Essex

A better way to protect your home

Roofline products are just as important as your double glazing. Not only keeping the look of your home presentable and smart but safe from rotting rafter ends, damp and leaking gutters, nesting and structural damage.

We provide total removal where possible of existing soffits, fascias, barge boards, guttering and downpipes whilst also replacing waterproof membrane, rotten rafter ends and adding much-needed ventilation into the eaves space. The general flow and water collection is often much improved.

Roofline Products Braintree

Our soffits and fascia’s use the best product to ensure quality and performance. All products are non-lead formulation and comply with EEC and PVC industry guidance.

Why is it important to maintain your roofline products?

Fascias and soffits play a significant role in the protection and security of your home, acting as a barrier to prevent moisture from penetrating your roof.

Aside from keeping your roofline products looking as good as new, there are many different benefits including:

Fascia boards act to support the bottom edge of the roof tiles, concealing and protecting the ends of the roof, in addition to keeping out birds and vermin. Built to stand the test of time, the main benefits include improving the aesthetics of your property, and remaining relatively free.

Soffits are boards that are attached to the underside of the roofline assembly and they act to keep the underside of the roof rafters dry and secure. Hard-wearing and capable of withstanding even the harshest of weathers, soffits boast a long life span and feature a long life span, giving you reassurance they will be in a good condition in years to come.

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