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The nights are starting to draw in earlier, which could be leaving your home more vulnerable to intruders. We know how easy it is to add things to your to-do list and forget about them that’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the top security flaws you should be reviewing for National Home Security Month.

Re-reading your home insurance policy

Reviewing your home insurance policy can help protect your home and prevent your insurance claims from being void in the future. There are a few instances where your insurer won’t cover your home and it’s your responsibility to know them and put steps in place to avoid them. Each insurance company will have a slightly different policy and you need to check the exact policy you agreed. Remember you should always be keeping your insurer up to date with any changes to your home or contents.

Changing your locks & keeping track of your keys

Whenever you lose a set of keys you need to look at replacing all the locks that the missing keys had access to. You may think it isn’t necessary, but opportunist intruders will always find a way, whether they steal your keys or follow you after dropping them.

Leaving your keys with a friend or neighbour is pretty common practice but sadly some people will take advantage of this. In the instance you need to leave your keys with someone, you should leave 1 copy of 1 key with a very close family member only.

It’s good to know that a lot of insurance policies won’t cover theft caused by lost keys or handing out keys to people.

Replacing broken doors

Any damage on your exterior doors will promote weakness and leave your home susceptible to break-ins. You’ll find damages more common in old uPVC doors or old timber doors.

You should be looking at replacing any entrance doors as soon as you notice any damages. A composite front door is one of the securest replacement doors. They grew in popularity due to their durability, thermal efficiency, and low maintenance nature. At Halstead Glass, we provide high-quality composite doors that you’re able to customise with colours, hardware, and glazing.

Green front door installed

Advances in modern uPVC have ensured that it’s incredibly durable and warp-resistant with almost no maintenance needed. You’re again able to customise the colour, hardware, and glazing of your uPVC door without compromising on security. A uPVC exterior door makes the perfect fit and forget option.

All of our doors come with multi-point locking systems as standard and are all PAS24 certified.

Maintaining your home security system

A home security system makes a great addition to any home, they can be used as protection, a deterrent, and provide evidence if the worst does happen.

Having sensors or cameras outside are fantastic options but naturally, they’ll become dirty over time. A few times a year you should be looking at removing dirt and debris from them. Anything obscuring cameras and sensors will render the system useless.

Security systems that rely on electricity will often have a backup battery pack included. If you experience a power outage whilst you’re sleeping or away, you need to make sure your security system won’t fail you or leave your home vulnerable. It’s your responsibility to ensure that the batteries are frequently changed and checked.

A replacement uPVC door from Halstead Glass

If you’re interested in a high-quality uPVC replacement front door for your Essex or Suffolk home, Halstead can assist you. Give a member of our expert team a call on 01787 473 516 or contact us online for a free, no-obligation quote.

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