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5 top ways to modernise your conservatory

Have you got an old conservatory that no longer fills you with excitement and desire to want to spend time in it? “Yes” we hear you answer. Well, don’t worry – here’s our top ways to upgrade and modernise your existing conservatory. And what’s even better is that according to Nationwide, adding a conservatory, or in fact modernising a conservatory can add up to 23% to the value of your property.

Bring the outside in with bifold doorsBifold doors being folded down to open out a living area

To bring the outside in, blur the lines between your home and garden, and ultimately give you a sense of openness which we know all our customers crave, consider adding bifold doors. Available in both aluminium and uPVC materials, there are 3 benefits of bifold doors – they are highly secure, energy-efficiency, durable and great at adding the ‘wow-factor’ to your home in Essex.

Utilising a concertina fold, bifold doors stack up on one side of the room, leaving you with more space and open views of your beautiful garden. Another advantage is that bifold doors are available in over 150+ RAL colours in both single and dual colour options, so you can match the exterior and interior of your home with ease.

Add some colour to your conservatory with indoor plants

As well as opting for bifold doors to bring the outside in and modernise your conservatory, you could also do this by adding more indoor plants to your conservatory.

Indoor plants not only look lovely, bringing a sense of greenery and tranquillity to your living space, but they’re also good for our health too. This is because indoor plants improve the air quality in your home by purifying the air and releasing more oxygen into the atmosphere. And when it comes to indoor plants, we know that a lot of our customers like to have a mixture – tall plants on the floor and trailing plants on their shelves – to create focal points and a sense of balance around the room.

Interior photo of a conservatory with a solid roof and roof windowsStyle your conservatory with modern, minimalistic furniture

To modernise your conservatory, how about opting for a classic all-white décor and investing in minimalistic modern conservatory furniture such as a hanging egg pod conservatory chair? The interior of your conservatory should feel warm and welcoming; something you’re guaranteed to achieve by opting for the right conservatory furniture.

The beauty of all-white décor is that it will create a modern conservatory look and make your conservatory feel more open-plan – something we know a lot of our customer’s desire.

system that offers outstanding thermal efficiency; all whilst breathing new life into your conservatory

Replace your conservatory windows with double glazingConservatory project in progress with uPVC windows just being fitted

Replacing your conservatory windows with double glazed windows from Halstead Glass is one of our customers favourite ways to modernise their conservatory. What’s even better is that our energy-efficient windows can achieve an incredible A++ rating and could save you up to £120 a year on your energy bills – a far superior offering than any of our competitors.

Another benefit of replacing your windows to modernise your conservatory is that they are low maintenance, offer enhanced security, available in a plethora of colours, and are ideal for period and modern properties alike. So, regardless of whether you have a bungalow in Essex, or a terraced home in Suffolk, we can guarantee that replacing your windows will modernise your conservatory.

To help you, we recently created a blog about 3 helpful double glazing facts including being one of the best ways to modernise your conservatory whilst reducing the amount of exterior noise leaking within your home.

Replace your conservatory roof with a Guardian Warm Roof

As well as replacing your conservatory windows and doors, how about replacing the roof on your conservatory with a Guardian Warm Roof? A precision-engineered and expertly designed roof and looking great in the process.

Another benefit of the Guardian Warm Roof is that you can further enhance its atmosphere, ambience, and appearance by incorporating dimmable downlights; giving your conservatory the modern look and feel which we know a lot of our customers long for.warm roof conservatory guardian

Conservatories in Essex and Suffolk

Halstead Glass offers a variety of different conservatories, from a gable conservatory to a lean-to conservatory, so no matter your property type or personal preference, we are guaranteed to have a conservatory to suit you. What’s even better is that each one offers a range of customisable options, allowing you to further enhance its appearance.

Contact our team of experts today or call us on 01787 473516 and let’s help you create a conservatory bespoke to your home.

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