Back door in stable style

Glazed back doors across Essex and Suffolk

Replace your back door with a new glass door with the range of glass doors from Halstead Glass. Don’t let your old weathered back door be a black mark on your home’s appearance. Old doors can often leak warmth from your home leaving your energy bill and wallet paying the price.

Our back doors feature an expertly manufactured locking mechanism designed to keep you and your family safe. Our doors are crafted from high-quality uPVC and thick energy-efficient glass offering you a secure and cost-effective option.

New glazed back door installations

An array of double glazing choices

No one understands the character of your home quite like you. We at Halstead Glass put the power in your hands by offering a plethora of choices to guarantee that you design the perfect door.

Customise your own unique back door by selecting:

  • Door style
  • Fully glazed or half glazed
  • Clear patterned or sandblasted glass
  • Handles and other furniture