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There is an abundance of choices when it comes to choosing a front door and many homeowners can find it overwhelming. Composite doors have seen a swell in popularity in recent years and have become one of the most popular types of doors in homes throughout Essex and Suffolk. But what makes them so popular? And what are they made of?

A composite front door installed for homeownerWhat is a composite door made out of?

The word “composite” refers to a material made from 2 or more components that, when combined, produce a material with characteristics different from the individual components. Composite doors are produced from a combination of materials, such as Glass Reinforced Polyester, uPVC, insulating foam and timber. Every component that makes up a composite door has been specifically selected to make an exceptional end product.

Not only does a composite door give your home an upgrade in style, but it’s design also improves the home’s security. The locking system featured in our doors includes a double-hook, 3 deadbolts, a high-quality latch and are designed to keep your home safe from would-be intruders. Composite doors require little to low maintenance and are up to 6 times more thermally efficient than a timber door.

Do composite doors warp?

When not correctly sealed, poorly manufactured composite doors can warp or crack when exposed to the direct sunlight and moisture from rain over time. The quality components and precision perfect manufacturing method of our composite doors mean that our doors will not warp, crack or discolour.

It’s important to opt for a door that is well made and comes with a guarantee for peace of mind. All products from Halstead Glass come with a 10-year bonded guarantee, but the lifespan of a well-made composite door is up to 30 years or more.

Composite doors and much more in Essex and Suffolk

Halstead Glass offers a huge range of products, including windows, doors and conservatories, in a variety of customisable styles and finishes to suit any home in Suffolk and Essex. We strive to provide perfect customer service throughout the buying process and the results speak for itself with most of our business comes from happy customers who recommend us to friends, family and neighbours.

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